Spurlock’s Store: Nearly 115 years of selling a little bit of everything

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Charles Spurlock set up shop in Squires around 1901. “When my grandfather opened his trading post in the log cabin, there were two other established stores here,” says Randy Spurlock. “(Squires) was a thriving place because of the cattle drives…”

SQUIRES – When Charles Spurlock came to Squires at the turn of the 20th century, the village was a next-to-new, bustling place. It sprung up in the late 1800s as a key stop on the Arkansas-Springfield Road: The popular thoroughfare was used to drive cattle to Mansfield, after which they were shipped to Springfield and St. Louis.

Charles — known to his friends as Charlie — was impressed with the place. He’d been in the drygoods business down in Buckhart, where he’d started a store in 1898. That experience gave him the impression that Squires would be a good place to set up shop and set down new roots.

“His first store…was a log cabin,” says Randy Spurlock, one of Charlie’s grandsons. “He lived in half of it and had a trading post in the other half to see if business was going to be good here.”

Suffice it to say, business was good. Now more than a century later, however, Squires is a different place: The blacksmith, saloon, livery stable, grist mill, as well as canning and mattress factories, are all gone. They’ve been merely memories for years, in fact.

But 115 years after it began, Spurlock’s Store store is still there. (more…)