Remembering the Mountain Maid of Roaring River

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56672 Jean Wallace Mountain Maid 2-11-40 Z
Jean Wallace hated cameras, but she did pose for this portrait near her cabin in the 1930s. (Photo courtesy of the Barry County Museum)

CASSVILLE – Perhaps it was Jean Wallace’s claim of clairvoyance that drove her into the Ozarks’ wilderness. She came to hide in a cabin tucked among the trees; one faraway from her East Coast origins. But as plans often do, hers didn’t work out.

Because the world found her anyway.

For nearly 50 years, hundreds of locals came to Miss Wallace’s door, their lives dictating their journey more than their feet.

“A seer of vision, friend and counselor to hundreds, finder of lost articles, the woman remained a mystery to her neighbors who loved her, and became a legend from the hills she treasured,” wrote Irene Horner in 1978 for the Barry County Advertiser.

To them, she wasn’t just Miss Wallace: She was the Maid of Roaring River. (more…)