Celebrating 100 years of memories with a look to the future

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Heer's cover 2
The Heer’s building opened for business 100 years ago today! According to an ad in the Springfield Republican, the day marked “the beginning of a new era of merchandising in Springfield.”

SPRINGFIELD – There’s no doubt that Heer’s was in the business of selling. For generations, “Your Dominant Store of the Ozark Empire” was a one-stop shop for clothing to culinary treats and everything in between.

But Heer’s was more than a store. It was a destination. And while it sold a great many items, the Springfield institution gave away more than anyone will ever know. Those freebies, however, weren’t merchandise. They were memories.

That’s why today — on the building’s 100th birthday — it’s time to celebrate. What many believed impossible has come to pass: The Heer’s building has started a new chapter. It’s getting a second chance. In celebration of that milestone, here’s a look back with the people who knew it best.

Heer’s through the years