Carving a career one spoon at a time

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Spoons 1

Fred Albert, namesake of “Mr. Albert’s Wooden Spoon Shoppe,” sits where his creations come to life.

Note: As of March 2, 2017, Fred Albert has paused making and selling spoons. The post will be updated when they are for sale again.  

MERRIAM WOODS – Cracked and weathered, Fred Albert’s fingers proclaim a love of woodcarving without words. Those hands, trained by time, are responsible for transforming cherry, honey locust and other forest-found gems into works of art. But his pieces — known as treenware — are more likely to be found in kitchens than museums.

“Treenware goes back thousands of years, because before they had metal and plastic, they had to make their utensils out of wood,” says Albert, who regularly creates bowls, spatulas, larger-than-life forks and ladles.

And spoons. Lots and lots of spoons. (more…)