Perfecting the art of the throw

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Jennifer 2Local potter Jennifer Farr creates multitudes of clay creations.

When Jennifer Farr gets stressed, she throws things.

Luckily, she’s a potter, so throwing isn’t cause for concern. It’s just all part of the job — her favorite part, in fact. “If you tried it, you’d know (why),” she says, sitting down behind her wheel.

With a firm slap, the 26-year-old throws a three-pound chunk clay down and begins to work. Her fingers deftly craft the clay into a pie plate, one of the dozen she can make in an hour. She stops long enough to imprint three sets of crimped edges, making her ware stand out even more from the crowd.

Jennifer’s officially been in business — under the name J. Rae Pottery — since 2009. That time has seen her make her way through many festivals, farmers markets, and most recently, to the shelves of local Price Cutter stores. She says that leap is still one she’s getting used to. “It’s like, ‘Oh, wow. That’s really my stuff,’” says Jennifer of seeing pieces in local stores. “It’s taken a while to sink in.”

But Jennifer’s talent is recognized even beyond the Ozarks. In July 2015, she received statewide recognition when she was selected as a “Best of Missouri Hands” member. Organized in conjunction with the Missouri Artisans’ Association, this juried group of artists represents the state’s best work.