Picture-perfect time travel

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“The witch of Bradshaw Mountain, near Berryville, Ar. about 1925. I wrote a story about her and Thomas Hart Benton made a picture for it.”

POINT LOOKOUT – A walk through an Ozarks forest reverberates souls and stories. The nooks and crannies of the region’s hills were once filled with a people unlike any other — a culture that lived and died, married and had babies all without any distraction of an outside world.

Those people are long gone. Theirs was a culture obliterated — perhaps willingly — by the introduction of modern convenience. And if it weren’t for people like Vance Randolph, their stories would be, too.

“This is me, but I don’t remember where or when.”

The Ozarks’ premiere preservationist, Vance captured the Ozarks in a way that has never been done before or since. His words, filling the pages of more than 20 books, painted vivid pictures that were secret to the outside world — people and places that now only exist in the minds of a dwindling number of Ozarkers.

Well, and at College of the Ozarks.

No, the college doesn’t own a time machine — at least not one in the conventional sense. But a collection of photos taken by Vance on his travels into the hills does provide a crystal clear window into the past.

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