Selling a sweet chance to launch a new chapter

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Minerva Candy Company still has its original equipment, including copper kettles and vintage thermometers, which date back to the shop’s start more than 100 years ago.

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Minerva moved into its current location eight years after the store began. 

WEBB CITY – Even though it’s been shuttered since 2014, sunlight still smiles through the windows at Minerva Candy Company. It doesn’t look like the kitchen knows anything has changed: It’s chock full of vintage candy-making equipment, just as it’s been since the shop took over the building in 1913.

“Everything is still here but the business,” says Mary Hamsher, who owns the building with her husband, Tom. “And the people.”

After trying their hand at running the shop, the Hamshers decided that perhaps it wasn’t for them. Now they’re ready to give someone else a shot at preserving this local landmark: The building, and all its contents, are for sale.

“We just want to keep it alive,” says Hamsher. “It’s just that the right person has got to come in here to keep it and appreciate it.”