Moseley Office Supply (1941)

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Moseley 2

Moseley Office Supply has always been housed on South Avenue — but originally, it was in a different location. (Courtesy of Moseley Office Supply)

When Moseley Office Supply had its start in 1941, what offices needed was a bit different from one might seek today. Instead of computers, their speciality was typewriters. Specifically, those of the Remington Rand brand, since that’s what owner H.C. Moseley was licensed to sell and service.

Moseley 3

An early ad for Moseley’s. (Courtesy of Moseley Office Supply)

In those days, the store wasn’t located where it is today. Instead, it was a few storefronts north from its current location — but still on South Avenue. It wasn’t until the 1960s when the business made its first and only move. There’s one thing, however, that looks the same despite the change in location: The sign, which was moved with them and tacked on top of the “new” building.

Moseley’s is another example of a local business that’s stayed in the same family for generations; it’s now overseen by the third tier of family members. And instead of the merchandise typically sold in its early days, its wares largely center on office furniture and other more modern office supplies (although they do sell typewriters). Thanks to their delivery service, most of their orders aren’t from walk-in traffic — which is likely one of the reasons they were able to survive downtown’s downturn.

Moseley 1

Typewriter repair in action. (Courtesy of Moseley Office Supply)


Moseley Office Supply as it appears today.

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