The Greenfield Opera House won’t be a tragedy for much longer. Instead, it’ll begin its happy ending.

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OHThe Greenfield Opera House as it appeared in May 2015

In only a few short months, the Greenfield Opera House will have a new lease – on life, that is. The building, which has been virtually abandoned since the 1920s, is undergoing a massive rehabilitation to become home to a restaurant, office space and an event venue. It’s all thanks to Jack Pugh and David “B” Rhodes, two men with a dream of helping Greenfield’s former jewel shine once again.

But to them, the restoration isn’t just about the building. It’s about the community. “Over 500,000 (visitors) a year arrive through Greenfield on their way to Stockton Lake,” says Jack. “Our purpose…is to help snag some of that for Greenfield.”

Owners of B’s Renaissance Renovations LLC, the partners aren’t strangers to historic rehabilitation work. Since they began the company 12 years ago, the duo has renovated 32 local historic houses, four of which are on Walnut Street in Springfield. The opera house is their biggest project to date, offering a new challenge and a great reward.

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